A 360° archive of live performance

Live Collision joined forces with Devon Baur, Director of Topanga Institute Film & Festival to create something extraordinarily special. As part of Live Collision International Festival 2017: Part 1 we will launch our 360° archive – a full-bodied immersive experience whereby audiences can virtually drop into the centre of the festival’s previous programme.  With a full 360° optic, you the viewer will have the autonomy to look around, search the corners, peep behind the scenes and see live performance work as it has never been seen before.

With works by Liz Roche, Anna Furse, Ultimate Dancer and Figs in Wigs.

BE.THERE.NOW. breathes liveness back into work that has happened, taking present and future audiences on a journey towards the moments that have been lived and through their interactivity will be lived again.

Launching at 6pm on Wed 19th April at Project Arts Centre

Place: Project Arts Centre
Dates: Wed 19 Apr – Sun 23 Apr
Tickets: Free