How do we capture a live moment? Of course any documentation of liveness is merely that – a document. So here at Live Collision we are asking ourselves, our artists, our audiences, what this document could look like.

This document should be tested – we want this moment to exist in an archive you don’t merely watch, but plunge into. We want a document that will submerge you into the event’s digital remains. 

Live Collision is bringing these moments to future audiences with a 360 camera – producing footage for virtual reality headsets – allowing a fully immersive ‘archive experience’. 

Of course, we never aim to replicate the real thing, but rather create a tantalizing new way to engage with the memory. What can we learn from engaging with the material in this new way? Can we carve a shared space for audiences across time? 

What does this mean for us now, while we are still living in the moment being recorded? How does it feel to know future audiences can stand amongst us in these spaces? 

Keep your eye out for the camera – because if you can see it, it can see you.