By Isadora Epstein

Waiting to get picked up by Ciara McKeon’s piece Unaccompanied I was certain I was in the Wrong place.

I was at the very least facing the Wrong direction. Expectantly looking at the people at the bus stop, my back to the road. I was trying to predict which of these bus stop people could be part of the performance.They were just bus stop people. Starting off on my wrong foot, I think an apology letter is best

Dear Ciara,

Here is what you looked like from the window, I know you couldn’t see, so I thought this could be helpful—

Your hidden face reminded me of the baby’s faces that the voice on the bus (from the recording) talked about. How they “defend themselves by looking away.”

I liked seeing your hands and feet begin to move on the grass.

I’m sorry my face changed I was hoping to look pretty in the portrait you did of me. I was disappointed in the way you can get disappointed when you see an unflattering photograph of yourself. For the rest of the piece my disappointment about your portrayal of my chin was fairly distracting. When going to performances, I look for these times when I can step out and not have to get caught up in pleasing people or trying to impress them. Thank you for making a time like that.

Also thank you to the performer who welcomed me into D’Appendix. And thank you to the woman with the kind hands in the waiting room who looked up at me from her magazine thinking I was visiting the doctor for a very serious reason.

All the best,