by Isadora Epstein

With all this excitement about liveness and live art. I feel odd flattening these performances I have seen into drawings and text. I will write a couple of letters instead, hopefully that will not be so flat.

A letter about last night’s performance Best Before End by Curious.

It is a thank you note.

Dear Curious,

What well thought out holding of a spill! The detail of the belly wet from that first spill had the old, grotesque grace of the old paintings.It was a rare treat to see a performer be so devoutly dramatic.

I wanted that tilting. I wanted the arms open and all outstretched, all tremulous and all those eye glints. And also, so good of you to dance for us!

But right when we could get all carried away with these desires and nostalgia and the detailed pleasure of well chosen language. you stopped, disallowed of getting too pleased with our own awe. Stopped us with frank humour. Thank you for the reminders of those small mundanes, shoes, supermarket tills or the discomfort of a gesture. I could not side step the work.

Thank you so much for your immaculate grace and decisive care.

You were so good to let us in so fully.

All the best,