Artist Residency

Emerging artist Alastair Flindall will join Live Collision as artist in residence over the duration of the festival, with pop-up live responses throughout our Live Art Party.

Alastair Flindall (b. 1991, Sheffield) developed KuN(s)T-ity as the name for his practice; derived from Kunst and Unity, together formulating ‘the art of bringing people together’. Through his work, Alastair seeks to engage a maximum level of interaction from an audience, adapting his tactics as a performer to break barriers in the otherwise passive British public. Alastair’s aim is to break social conventions and re-write social etiquettes based on flaws he sees in his own and others behaviour.  Using mostly personal experiences, often embarrassing aspects from is own life, Alastair opens old wounds to make fun of the past.

Place: Project Arts Centre Bar
Dates: April 26
Times: 21:45 onwards – throughout the Live Art Party
Tickets: Free