by Orla Barry

Wideawake by Orla Barry was filmed in the historical art deco ‘Salle Henri le Boeuf’ in Bozar, Brussels, the monologue is performed by Caroline Donnelly. A distressed young woman finds her way into a concert hall, she climbs onstage and trips up and down on a rectangular platform in high heels. She spits out a string of words. Clearly abandoned to her fate, she repeatedly begs for someone to book her a hotel for the night. But the actress is performing for no one. The 2,200 seater concert hall is empty. The abyss of existential anxiety and mental and physical collapse is opening up in front of her. “I am acrobatic with words, but my actions cannot always follow my tongue”. Her continuous stream of words is a touching interior monologue in which consciousness and subconscious clamp into each other in a never-ending downward spiral.

Company info:

Orla Barry is a visual artist, she lived in Belgium for sixteen years and has now returned to live and work in Wexford. She has recently had performances at Tate Modern, London, The Playground Festival, STUK, Leuven and De Appel in Amsterdam. Her work focuses on language, both written and spoken, as well as on visual deconstruction and displacement of language.


Wideawake created and directedy by Orla Barry.
Performed by Caroline Donnelly

Place: Cube
Time: 8.15pm
Dates: 19 April 2013
Tickets: €12 / €10
(this performance is part of a double bill with ‘The Best of Scottee‘  both performances are included in this price)