By Liadain Herriott

A live performance & dance work – (click image above for more images)

Certain soil is lacking in nutrients.
There is a particular plant that suffers from mineral
Deficiency due to this. Glistening drops of mucilage
At the tip of each tentacle resemble drops of morning dew.

Of a carnivorous nature, it preys upon the tiny.
The plant kingdom versus the insect kingdom –
A unique environment where strange flora flourish,
A place where things aren’t always what they seem.

In a world where expressions of emotion are reduced
To acronyms, this piece does the opposite.
It puts them under the microscope.

*Derived from ros solis, meaning “dew of the sun”. An alluring plant that exists in a place where bodies never perish, the bog.

Liadain, “ Maureen O’Hara only a banshee version..”, dances to music by; G. Higgs, P. Ivanova, J. Nangle, Zoid – Berlin 1966 (Blipper Remix), Recording of “Our Headlights Blew Softly Into The Black, Illuminating Very Little” used with kind permission of RTÉ Lyric Fm.

Company Info

Trained originally as a classical ballet dancer in Dublin, Monte Carlo and Madrid, on graduation, filmmaker Pedro Almodovar selected her to dance in his film “Habla Con Ella” (’01). Charlie Chaplin’s daughter, Geraldine, plays the ballet teacher in the same scene.
Liadain has worked for companies and independent choreographers including; Cannes Jeune Ballet, Opéra Royal de Wallonie, Wexford Festival Opera, David Hernandez (US/BE), Pavel Zustiak (SK/US), Pierre Droulers (BE), Mathilde Monnier (FR) and Roberto Magro (IT/BE).
Largely influenced by living and working in Brussels, it was here that she began to develop her contemporary technique under various teachers.
Creating her own work since ’09, her choreography has been performed at festivals in India (“Two” ’09), Belgium (“La Poupette”/”man-i-cure” ’09/’10), Latvia, Spain (“Below The Surface” ’12) and at home in Ireland (“ZipCode”/”Before She Goes”/”Duplicate Copy”/”The White Wall” ’10-’13).
She has participated in international cultural exchange programs including; Tour d’Europe des Chorégraphes, E-Motional Bodies & Cities and Exchange with Movement Research, NYC.

Supported by the Arts Council, BRXLBRAVO, Centre for Creative Practices, Corpo(a)Terra, Danscentrumjette, Dance Ireland, Dance Theatre of Ireland, Fringe Lab with the support of Dublin Fringe Festival, Galway Dance Days, La Catedral Studios, RTE Lyric Fm, Shawbrook Dance, The National University of Ireland, Galway and The Contemporary Music Centre

Her work has been  described as “.. something out of a Lars Von Trier film..” .. “…evocative, imaginative, at times with elements of surrealism, which make her shows original and unconventional.”

Place: Cube, Project Arts Centre
Dates: 26 April
Times: 20:15
Tickets: €15/€12
(this performance is part of a DOUBLE BILL with “600 People“, both performances are included in the ticket price)

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