“Deejaying saved my life.” – bby

Do you like music? Do you like to dance? Are you that bish who’s always scrapping for the aux cord at the function? If so, bby (Club Comfort) and ELLL (Gash Collective) would love you to come hang with them for the afternoon of April 27th (from 2-4pm).

Deejaying is a skill that’s given us joy, companionship and pocket change (lol), and we’d love to share it with you. Come along for a relaxed and informal workshop in which we explain some of the basic concepts and skills behind selection, give some practical tips about how to get started, and provide you with a chance to practice the essential skills of mixing on standard equipment.

The workshop is aimed at absolute beginners with no previous experience, and all are welcome. We have a particular interest in teaching to women & queers, but no one is excluded! If you want to come mix with us we want you to be there.

Please RSVP to transliveartsalon@gmail.com for full details.

This work is part of TLAS@LCIF, a strand of programming presented in collaboration with Trans Live Art Salon

bby  bio

bby is a DJ and producer based in Dublin. She is best known as resident and co-founder of Club Comfort, a monthly party, irregular radio show with DDR, and community project, focused on joy, inclusivity and social consciousness.

Honing her skills on the Dublin club circuit,  has developed a diverse and unique style of selection. Seamlessly synthesising regional club sounds from across the globe, she plays with and ear to rhythmic juxtaposition and variability. Seeking to affect collective consciousness, she is, at the most basic level, a conductor, a crowd commander who speaks a universal language of dance.

While genre does not restrict ’s direction, her passion for Dancehall, Hard Drum, Baltimore Club and Bacardi House underlies much of her creativity.

ELLLL bio:

ELLLL is a DJ and producer from Cork City. She also holds monthly residencies with Dublin Digital Radio (DDR) and Radió na Life. She is also the founder of Gash Collective : a platform for female identifying and LGBTQ+ DJ’s and producers.

Having played shows in Europe and Ireland, including a live performance for Boiler Room Dublin. ELLLL has been gaining a name for herself for crafting a sound world all of her own.

Delivering a unique live show, performances are oblique and relentless. Expect heavily manipulated samples, resonant beats and dark textures, whilst also drawing influence from drone and noise crossed with vigorous techno leanings. The result is a immersive narrative that pummels the listener.

This approach is echoed in her DJ sets, which frequently explore the harder elements of techno, acid and experimental club music, juxtaposing relentless pulses and commanding, off-kilter beats.

2017 saw ELLLL debut a limited edition 12”, ‘ROMANCE EP’  to critical acclaim via Art for Blind Records, with a follow up to this release is expected sometime in 2018


GASH bio:

GASH COLLECTIVE is an Irish based platform focused on supporting female identifying and LGBTQ+ producers and DJ’s in the field of electronic music.

Through sharing ideas, collaboration, safe space initiatives, carefully curated parties and events, as well as production and DJ workshops, GASH intends to shine a light on marginalised talent that often goes unnoticed or unrecognised on the island of Ireland.