The TRANS LIVE ART SALON is a collective of trans & gender non-conforming artists in Dublin, originating from a residency programme at LIVE COLLISION INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2016 // SPECIAL EDITION.

The collective is carving a space for trans and gender non-conforming people to feel safe, work together as a community, and learn from each other. The collective’s aim is to bring trans-narrated trans narratives to the fore, to elevate work by trans artists, and open dialogue about the ways that trans people are (mis)represented in the media and in art.

Current Project

Fully Automated Luxury Gender Oasis at Dublin Fringe Festival

As part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2017 The Trans Live Art Salon will be taking over Temple Bar Gallery + Studios and transforming it into a magical, inflatable oasis with a curated programme of workshops, games, art, talks, and performance by queer, trans and gender non-conforming artists.

This event will be free and accessible for all, including trans, neurodivergent, and disabled people.

Date: 15th – 19th September 2017
Time: 2.00pm – 8.00pm daily
Venue: Temple Bar Gallery + Studios

Past Projects

The TRANS LIVE ART SALON originated as a trans-run festival residency for trans, non-binary, and other non-cis individuals and practitioners who want to experience LIVE COLLISION INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL // SPECIAL EDITION 2016, to engage with international artists with international trans artists as mentors, and discuss the future of trans art and archives in Ireland. Participants attended  the work presented as part of the festival, met the festival team, met festival artists and took-part in dialogues on areas of interest to the Salon. Participants critically engaged with the role Live Art and risk-based practice has to play in art which centres the lived experiences of trans and gender non-conforming people.

The initial residency programme was a shared initiative with Robyn McQuaid-O’Dwyer (artist) and Live Collision.

After an extremely positive first iteration of the residency in 2016 the TRANS LIVE ART SALON ran a second residency as part of LIVE COLLISION INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2017: Part 1. The collective presented a festival residency for artists in all media, arts workers and other interested parties of all generations from gender minorities.

Additionally, in the run up to the festival and continuing throughout, the collective presented a daily blog and photography project, led by M Murphy. M engaged the new and current Salon members in conversation about art, gender and Live Collision International Festival, bringing a snapshot of the Salon’s conversations into the public eye, and giving festival participants and goers the opportunity to become more familiar with the role, purpose, and membership of the TRANS LIVE ART SALON.

During LIVE COLLISION INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2017: PART 1 the TRANS LIVE ART SALON also curated a selection of trans and queer books and zines, gathered to provoke conversation and generate new thinking on matters of gender and performance. This collection was on display for public browsing in the Project Arts Centre foyer throughout the festival, and the hope is to create a continuing archive of trans publications.