by Season Butler

The Woman Who Walks On Knives by Season Butler – a retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s classic, The Little Sea-Maid – is a grim tale of sacrifice, transformation and how far we are willing to go for love. Starting from the giddy heights of infatuation and plunging to the bottom of the deepest sea, this is a woebegone story of a woman who braves her most primal fears and takes the ultimate risk. This journey towards requited love may not reach its destination, but this little mermaid is determined to get there, or die trying.

Company info

Season Butler is an American artist living in the UK, currently reading a PhD in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths College and is associate producer of the I’m With You performance collective. Season celebrates the contemporary savage, interrogates the myth of the civilised man, and attempts to discover how to be good through writing and performance. Mentored by Julia Bardsley.


The Woman Who Walks On Knives is part of the SPILL National Showcase supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and presented in partnership with the Live Art Development Agency.

Place: Cube
Time: 8.15pm
Dates: 20 April 2013
Tickets: €12 / €10
(this performance is part of a double bill with ‘We Used To Wait‘ both performances are included in this price)