A special event by Pop Up Happenings in collaboration with Live Collision, Darklight and Le Cool.

For this special event in Block B, Happenings and Le Cool are collaborating with Darklight and Live Collision to bring you an evening of wondrous short films in yet another inconceivable location. There will also be a free drinky for everyone that comes along.

Taking you on a journey through the eyes of filmmakers and animators from Yemen, Sweden, Australia, the UK and Ireland with Darklight guest Conor Finnegan showcasing Fear of Flying, Future Shorts lands in Dublin after screenings in places as far flung as Lima, Tokyo, Miami and Panama.

ABACUS By Brokenrtalkers: A collaboration and commission with Upstate Theatre Project

Featuring a community cast of mature citizens ABACUS is a short film that explores the participants’ dreams, hopes and fears for the future in a darkly comic way. The film was developed over several months through a process of writing workshops with the participants and artists Feidlim Cannon and Gary Keegan.
Organised in collaboration with Age & Opportunity as part of the nationwide Bealtaine festival – celebrating creativity as we age.
The early workshops looked at recovery of stories and memories.
Later workshops examined the Future and how we build strategies to avoid, cope, and reason our own mortality.

It was important to us to tell the stories of experienced life. To examine every day occurrences like having breakfast, playing bingo, going to church and turning these bland routines into an interesting comment on contempory life for mature citizens.
In this way the every day experiences decay into memory and fertilize our future memory. This life cycle approach is the core idea and forms the base structure and driving force behind ABACUS

We were keen to work with non-actors who bring an authenticity to the project.
And eager to work along side them when creating the script.

Place: Block B, Haymarket, Smithfield
Date: 25 April
Time: 20:00
Tickets: €12