A group discussion around the way artists are making participatory work to explore their practices, as well as how artists and producers are exploring new ways of reaching out to audiences and the passersby or wider ‘publics’. We Are In Public is a strand of the Live Collision programme that takes place outside of the festival venues, and during this conversation we discussed the wide range of work that may come under this thematic of work ‘outside’, on the street, what constitutes public space or community space, and also work that invites audiences to participate. Artists Nic Green and Massive Owl were invited to discuss their practices, and a group joined us with contributions in the sound bites coming from: Phoebe Patey-Ferguson, Cat Harrison, Dickie Beau, Elizabeth Howard.

  1. Invitations to participate
  1. Language: interaction, audience, presence
  1. Politics, funding, social engagement
  1. Public/space, community space, theatre space