By Natasha Davis

Internal Terrains by Natasha Davis explores life as a choreography of decades, in search of what’s at stake as we move from one decade to another. Poetic and sensual, the performance plays chords with films and installations, crows, cages and electric shocks. Developed partly in the studio and partly through workshops with local residents, stories are generously shared with Natasha, who translates them into visual metaphors around body, memory and identity.

Company Info:

Natasha Davis, born in Croatia and permanently based in London, is an established performance artist who creates poetic and challenging interdisciplinary material exploring body, memory, idenity and migration.


Created, written and performed by Natasha Davis in collaboration with: Bob Karper (sound), Branislava Kuburović (written documentation), Elisa Gallo-Rosso (objects), Lucy Cash (movement), Marty Langthorne (lights) and Oreet Ashery (outside eye).

Internal Terrains is commissioned by Live Collision Dublin, Chelsea Theatre London, Refugee Week and Colchester Arts Centre. Supported by Arts Council England, Hosking Houses Trust and Littoral.

Place: Cube
Time: 8.15pm
Dates: 18 April 2013
Tickets: €12 / €10
(this performance is part of a double bill with Dismantelment  both performances are included in this price)