Edited by Lynnette Moran

Future | Performance is a publication created for this years Live Collision festival. We have invited a select number of artists, producers, festival directors and thinkers to contribute to the contents of the book. It is a constellation of provocations, instructions, and ideas to be enlivened by the reader. It is a step towards understanding and exploring a collision of publication and performance, of cause and effect. The book itself will generate performance for the individual or collective reader, performances that will sit on the surface between experiential playfulness and a physical happening. TATSOI digital project will exist within the pages. Each edition will act as an individual portal to a bespoke experiential performance decided upon and handled by you, the reader/performer.

Future | Performance is a curated, live component of the festival. It has been devised for your consideration and use.
It is a limited edition work of just ten editions, each publication listed 1 – 10.

Ticket: Free

*Future | Performance is not for sale, it is an installed artwork.

Where can you find it?

Future | Performance will live in various locations around the city for the duration of the festival. Both the Festival Hub [create a hyperlink to festival hub] and at Project Arts Centre.

Leading festival images by Robbie Sweeny

Robbie Sweeny is an Irish born,internationally published photographer and artist. Having exhibited extensively throughout the UK, most notably part of a group exhibition at Tate Britain in 2009, he then relocated to San Francisco in June 2010. He works closely within the performance art community of San Francisco.