Devised by Niamh McCann

The Future is not all space suits & hoverboards…the Future is yet undecided.

How do we move towards a future that we want to be part of, a future we are excited to see unfold? How do we create a conversation and dialogue that generates a new construct, a new way of talking, a new set of rules to open up a new possibility, a fresh way to see things, a new set of considerations or perhaps the same considerations framed in a way that allow us to step back and step up? How do we gather in a place of assembly on equal terms and get to the bottom of things?

We are not here to protect the status quo, instead we propose a collective re-imagining, an active shift towards new objectives and ways of considering…the Future is yet undecided.

Live Collision International Festival invites you to look to the past, consider the present and to imagine the future. There is no requirement for you to be compliant or complicit but instead collective and willing.

Place: Roasted Brown Café, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Time: 1pm – 5pm
Dates: Sunday 21 April 2013
Tickets: Free

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* photo by Robbie Sweeny