A creative workshop in which participants work both solo and collaboratively with body memories, secrets and ‘parts of the body invisible to the naked eye’ to create text, gesture and micro performances.

Note for participants taking part:

Please bring with you some sort of ‘information’ about your body that is invisible to the naked eye (for example, this might be an X-ray, heart-rate printout or a secret piece of information, a text, an image…). This needs to be something that is personal but that you are happy to share with others

Please also wear clothes you can move in and writing materials.

Curious are presenting their work ‘Best Before End’ on Thur 30 April

More about Curious

Helen Paris and Leslie Hill have been working together as Curious for the past fourteen years. In that time they have made nearly forty projects in a range of disciplines including performance, installation, publication and film. The work is global and domestic: sometimes large, sometimes small in scale. Intimacy and a shared sense of encounter with an audience is always an important element.

Helen and Leslie called their company Curious because what drives them as artists is an intense curiosity about the world in which they live. Each of the projects starts with a question; What smell reminds you of home (On the Scent)? What do you long for and where do you belong ((be)longing)? What is lost and what is found in places undergoing rapid regeneration and change (Lost & Found)? What are gut feelings (Autobiology)?

Curious engage as honestly as they can with these questions in their work as writers and performers and the subsequent investigations involve personal journeys alongside public research and enquiry. The resulting work is frequently edgy, often humorous and always authentic.

Place: Fringe Lab, Dublin Fringe Festival
Date: Friday May 1st, 2pm-4pm
Tickets: €20 full price, €15 conc.