Theatre-maker Louise Lowe and Visual Artist Owen Boss have worked together for the past decade and since 2009 have existed as ANU Productions. Today ANU has a core team and a family of artistic contributors.

Their work is about the history of contemporary life. Working in real environments and slipping between the artificial and the real, they are interested in the changing nature of contemporary cultural thinking.

ANU are very influenced by theatre, visual art and dance, and are particularly fascinated by the energy and spaces that exist between these forms. ANU use non-traditional sites and immersive engagement to create shared intimacies between audience and place and audience and performer.

They are intrigued by the architecture of existing environments and the contemporary way spaces are occupied by communities. When they talk of community, they understand this to mean community of space, place and interest. The central question they ask of their audiences is: HOW DO YOU CHOOSE TO ENGAGE? They ask audiences to witness, feel, comply or act. Although ANU ask audiences to question themselves within the work and in a larger way within the world, their motive is consistent: to give agency so audiences to shape their own experiences.

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