by Anu Productions

ANU Productions, a multi award winning company, heralded by the Irish Times as making the “most searing works of the past decade” invite you to surrender to your own Ancoats experience. In this immersive, challenging and interactive journey, worlds collide and the past and present fuse until the real and imagined become indistinguishable.

Immerse yourself in an adrenaline-fuelled encounter, exhuming an area of Manchester that no longer exists. Angel Meadow, once a steaming, sordid hell on earth at the centre of the industrial world; populated by red eyed scuttling gangs, girl rippers and the displaced Irish. Here lost strangers sought solace, sex and the divine. You and I will be the strangers.



“…a bold, welcome statement…a show that is full of brawling energy…rewards a willingness to interact” The Guardian

“…an experience that is hard to forget and a show that should not be missed. If HOME can fulfil the promise of its initial production it is going to be a hell of a company.” What’s On Stage

Just seen #AngelMeadow – brilliant. Never seen anything like it. Scary and thrilling stuff. Having a sit down and a pint of Guinness now. @mmmurry on Twitter

“Angel Meadow offers a genuinely unique view of Manchester’s dark underbelly, and while that journey is often discomforting and unsettling, the one thing it isn’t is boring.” The Stage

If #AngelMeadow is a sign of things to come from @HOME_mcr, I just got a lot more excited about living in Manchester. @claire_roses on Twitter

“…there’s no doubting the intensity of their performances…” Manchester Evening News

The best performance I have seen in a long time. Haunting, at times terrifying and always gripping! #AngelMeadow @HOME_mcr @anuproductions @Teresa_East on Twitter

Good golly, @HOME_mcr! I went to #AngelMeadow last night – thrilling and intense and I want to come every night! Well done. @MissKateHolmes on Twitter

“brilliant…like jumping out of a frying pan and into a volcano… It soaks into you, thanks to an amazing concept and an exemplary cast, like nothing else in a theatre ever can” Oldham Chronicle

“a theatrical roller coaster ride which crackles with a real sense of violence, menace and unsavoury sex” The Independent