18 – 21 APRIL 2013

Live Collision International Festival will explode out of Project Arts Centre and across the city into public spaces, hidden locations, basement flats, rooftop gardens, mobile devices and GPS systems…

Live Collision International Festival will bring together live experiences emboldened and enlivened by artists and audiences alike, creating experiences and encounters yet to be imagined. The edges of the performance space have been blurred, the line between the performance and the real will intersect. Where it begins and where it ends will be in your hands.

Established in 2009, Live Collision International Festival has grown a reputation as an exciting curatorial model of live art and a platform for radical performance makers, presenting both national and international artists who encourage audiences to think, play and come together in ways not yet imagined.


Live Collision International Festival brings some of the most exciting national and international contemporary artists to Dublin with works never before presented in Ireland. Live Collision’s vision is to impact and shift the cultural landscape towards new boundaries and dialogues within live performance aesthetics. It is the ‘future’ of live performance making.

‘It is not just about putting on shows, it is about having a dialogue with the city and creating fresh experiences for audiences. It’s an invitation to come together and to collectively consider the conditions we find ourselves in, to look back to the past, to experience the present and to imagine the future. It is as much about the individuals who become the audience as it is about the artists, in the structure of Live Collision the artist and the audience are only active when in a state of ‘collision’ with the other, the outcomes are undecided.’ – Lynnette Moran, Festival Director

Live Collision is supported by Arts Council’s Festival and Events Scheme, Project Arts Centre, British Council, Create, Dublin Fringe Festival’s Fringe Lab, NCAD (National College of Art & Design) and The Workman’s Club.

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