Live Collision is Ireland’s first independent CREATIVE PRODUCING HOUSE dedicated to the development of individual artists and companies to both create and present live performance work.

In addition to the annual international festival it is perhaps best known for, Live Collision operates as a rigorous producing house offering year-round support to individual artists and companies to promote, present and tour work. While also building frameworks, developing platforms and acting as curatorial advisor to companies, organisations and festivals.

It is vital we select and invite the artists Live Collision support, with relationships building through conversation, sharing of ideas and identifying of common practice based sensibilities. Live Collision prioritises supporting artists who work across and between disciplines to generate live performance work, and who place audiences and viewers at the centre of their work; by encouraging audiences to think, play and come together in ways not yet to be imagined.

Live Collision has grown a reputation as the leading producing and curatorial model of Live Art in Ireland. We are committed to supporting individual artists and companies to expand their performance practice beyond existing contexts and boundaries; in-order to cultivate and grow new cultural territories and expand existing platforms and infrastructure to house new and exciting works.

Live Collision’s producing strand is responding to the questions that emerge from the current shifting cultural, artistic, social and political landscapes that we inhabit, and pioneers the role of the creative producer within Ireland’s first dedicated independent producing house.