by M Murphy

In the run up to the festival and continuing throughout, the TRANS LIVE ART SALON will host and present a daily blog and photography project, led by M Murphy. M will engage the new and current Salon members in conversation about art, gender and Live Collision International Festival, bringing a snapshot of the Salon’s conversations into the public eye, and giving festival participants and goers the opportunity to become more familiar with the role, purpose, and membership of the Trans Live Art Salon.


Full programme is now LIVE and ONLINE

Live Collision International Festival 2017 will take part over several phases, the first of which will take place from 19 – 23 April 2017, focusing on work presented in the formal space at Project Arts Centre.

Live Collision presents some of the most daring and beautiful work for our time. For this year’s festival we will once again present seminal national and international artists with works never before shown in Ireland. With an inter-generational approach and continuous investigation around how and why we make live work.

Artists include the legendary Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw (Split Britches of US & UK fame), Ireland based artist Amanda Coogan, Ultimate Dancer (aka Louise Ahl), Megan Kennedy (of JUNK ENSEMBLE), Dick Walsh and Hester Chillingworth; each work boldly asking us (the festival audience) to consider our place in culture, in society, in the world, in the grand scheme of things. From seismic questions on race, gender and identity to gentle agitations with rip roaring energy in equal measure.

Full details on all of this, plus our initiatives / publications / salons / residencies/ and artist call outs can be found here.