Winter Salon 2023 – Menu & Allergens

In order to support the conversation Dee Maher has designed a menu to nourish body and mind. Dee Maher (smudge design) has always enjoyed smudging the lines between a variety of creative disciplines and recently this has meant exploring how she can tell stories and elevate experiences through a thoughtful consideration of food and nutrition. She has themed each course to echo and mirror the various stages of the conversation. She has chosen the ingredients carefully – ensuring that each mouthful is packed with the nutrients needed to keep our participants strong for the task!

Nothing has been taken for granted and we hope these highly considered morsels add not just deliciousness and satiety, but also provide food for thought on many different levels.

Please note: Allergens listed may not be exhaustive and you should exert individual responsibility if you are sensitive to a particular ingredient or set of ingredients. Please ask for further information if required. We are very sorry but we cannot provide a safe environment or menu for those suffering with Nut Allergies. The menu listed is subject to change dependent on suppliers / seasonal availability etc. All food will be served cold or at room temperature. All food is Plant Based.

Get the Juices Flowing

A welcome drink – a nourishing super food smoothie – to stimulate creative thought and ease anxiety.

Ingredients: oat milk / oats / banana / dates / maple syrup / cacao 

Raw Cacao Powder is a known mood booster and improves brain function – a fantastic way to begin the Salon! Oats and Bananas are great for making serotonin – the feel good happy hormone which eases anxiety and calms the system. Shake off any worries and let your voice be heard!

Allergens: oats / may contain gluten / may contain nut traces / sulphites

Strong Roots

Humble ingredients – Elevated.
A Beetroot dip with roasted root vegetables

Ingredients: beetroot / walnuts / pomegranate / celeriac / potato / carrot / z’atar / balsamic

While not the sexiest of foods, Root Vegetables should not be underrated.In fact Beetroot was once considered to be an aphrodisiac! Packed with vitamins and minerals and offering serious comfort these underground stars really shine with a bit of TLC… as we all do. Beetroot is highly nutritious and packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds, many of which have medicinal properties. It is known to help with everything from overall gut health to brain health as well as having anti-cancer and anti-inflammation properties… so eat up and build strong roots in order to rise.

Allergens: nuts / sesame / gluten / celery / sulphites

Food For Thought

Challenging ideas / mouth puckering pickles – A Pickled seaweed & mushroom salad

Ingredients: wakame, nori & hijiki seaweed / black fungus / black rice / rice wine vinegar / mirin / tamari / goji

Sometimes when faced with new foods – unusual textures – weird names and strange colours we can find ourselves seriously challenged. We are taken out of our comfort zone and can feel nervous and vulnerable. But, like good conversation and serious debate, when we open ourselves to new opinions and difficult ideas, we can find great value & deep learning. Seaweeds and mushrooms have been a key part of many Asian cuisines for centuries and feature heavily in Chinese Traditional Medicine. In fact the Irish relied heavily on seaweed for many things historically but we have lost touch with its
powerful properties in more recent history. Seaweed is one of best dietary source of iodine, which helps support your thyroid gland, and also contains a variety of other vitamins and minerals such as B Vitamins, Vit K, zinc and iron. Rich in Vit B complex the Black Fungus or Wood Ear Mushroom has long been used in Chinese Traditional Medicine to help breathing, sore throats, to reduce colds and fevers, to enhance well-being and to boost circulation. It is also thought to be beneficial in preventing the development of degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Together we can meet future challenges.

Allergens: Sesame / soya / seaweeds can contains traces of mulluscs or crustaceans

Ferment on it

Aged Nut Cheeze Boards

Ingredients: Cashew Nuts / Live Cultures / Coconut Oil / Various Flavourings

Good things take time. When you give ideas time to percolate, they can bloom into plans and then into action. When you add time to food it can age and ferment – flavours can deepen and cultures can multiply! These fermented cheeze boards offer you time to dwell on today’s conversations while enjoying some seriously excellent nut cheeze and also giving your microbiome a bit of love.

Allergens: nuts / sesame / gluten / soya / mustard

Sweet Takeaways

After a day of focus and challenging conversation we offer you a delicious chocolate nibble to guide you on your way.

Ingredients: oats / dates / peanut butter / almonds / hazelnuts / cacao powder / goji berries / raisins / agave syrup / coconut oil / raw cacao / 70% dark chocolate

Allergens: peanuts / nuts / sesame / gluten / sulphites / soya / may contain traces of milk

Takeaway Sleepy Rice Pudding

We offer you a calming Chamomile Rice Pudding to heat & eat at home.

Ingredients: Chamomile / Jasmine Rice / Coconut Milk / Raisins / Maple Syrup

Is there anything more comforting than a warm rice pudding? Shake off those stodgy memories from childhood and dig into this chamomile and coconut milk version – lovingly cooked with deep relaxation in mind. Flavanoids found in Chamomile create a mild sedative effect by binding to receptors in the brain responsible for inducing sleepiness and decreasing anxiety while coconut milk is full of important nutrients like manganese and copper and adds that creamy comfort we all seek.

Allergens: Sulphites