by Amanda Coogan

The power of repetition and the loop are some of the many motifs in Coogan’s practice. Coogan spins her new work out from the music of French composer Maurice Ravel’s Bolero, with its repeatition and build. Smoking in Bolero draws reference to Maurice Bejart’s choreography for Bolero and inserts the the boldness of cigarette smoking in a performative abandon. The smoke is inhaled and exhaled, in and out of the bodies of Coogan and her co-performers, building in intensity as the music soars.

Amanda is an internationally recognised and critically acclaimed artist working across the medias of live art, performance, photography and video. In 2010 the Irish Times said, ‘Coogan, whose work usually entails ritual, endurance and cultural iconography, is the leading practitioner of performance in the country’.

Place: Off-site, Meeting House Square
Dates: 1 May
Times: 7pm
Tickets: Free